Join the Team

The Capital City Hooligans are currently looking for new players, refs and support staff. The sport of roller derby is quickly growing. Get in on this action! Watched some women’s derby and want to give it a try? Played hockey, football or other sports growing up and miss that team sport environment? Looking to try something new that is completely out of your comfort zone? You should give the Hooligans a try!


Who can become a Hooligan?
Anyone! We are looking for men (18+) who have the passion and drive to compete in this exciting full-contact sport, but our league is open to all genders and all ages (though you are very limited in what you can do if you are under 18). If you are not interested in skating, head over to our Volunteer page for more info.

I’m too short/tall/thin/fat/unfit/old/lacking in balance/anti-social – can I still play roller derby?
Yes! Roller derby truly is a sport for anyone! Our league members are all different shapes, sizes and have a wide variety of personalities.

What is the first step to join?
Come out to a practice! There is no better way to see what being a Hooligan is all about than to attend a practice. We’d love for you to lace up and start skating with our freshmeat coach, but if you just want to watch that is fine too.

Do I need to know how to skate?
Never skated. Haven’t skated in years. Still skating regularly. No matter what your skating experience our Coaching and Training staff will get you up to speed. Our freshmeat coach will help you hone your skills and get you hitting

What should I bring?
If you plan on skating, just show up in gym clothes and bring a mouthguard. You can pick up a cheap mouthguard from Wal-Mart of Scheels for a few bucks. Depending on which practice venue we are at, we should have skates and pads for you to use. If you want to To play roller derby you need