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Instagram Roundup – Version 1

I was recently looking over the stats from our Instagram account. It was interesting to see what photos had the most likes and most comments, so I decided to put together a "Round Up" of the best Capital City Hooligans pictures. I'm going to combine several pieces of data (Likes, Comments, Followers) and a little bit of personal preference to determine the top 10 shots. Though, you should seriously scroll through our Instagram there is way more gold than 10 photos. I'm not 100% sold on the order, but the fans have spoken with their likes and comments.


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Hooligans Kick Off the 2015 Season!

No no no… We are not bouting yet. But we are getting back to practicing. We didn't have a very long break, but it was way too long for most of us. Since it is still freezing cold outside we are only practicing in Springfield. As soon as it warms up we will be starting our Decatur practices again.

We are in the final stages of nailing down our bouting schedule. As soon as we get that figured out, we'll get it posted on the site.

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